We understand and we want to help

You are probably in a tense, stressful situation, having had either your home or business premises damaged. We understand what you’re going through.

We have over 20 years of experience working as loss adjusters, loss assessors, specialist building contracting and main building contracting to help people who have been in the exact same situation you are in right now.

It’s highly likely that you’re not thinking as clearly as you normally would; you know you need to make a claim but you absolutely don’t want to do or say anything that could affect the outcome.

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You may have already had people telling you that insurance companies sometimes refuse to accept or even reject claims on technical grounds or attempt to disrupt claim settlement by using confusing terminology and jargon to avoid paying out?

Wouldn’t it be great to find someone who is in your corner, working with you who can take care of everything to make your life easier and without it costing you additional fees?

Of course, you’ll want to be sure that someone is working with your best interests at heart and who knows exactly how to prepare, negotiate and settle your claim, communicate with your insurance company and liaise with any insurers representatives & loss adjusters.

Would you like someone to step in and just “get it all done” for you?

That’s what we do – and the best part for building damage repair claims: you don’t pay us anything more than your policy excess, which contractually insurers may insist you pay whichever repair option you choose.

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“Following a theft of lead flashing from our commercial building, we suffered a large flood of water following a storm over the weekend in two of our office suites. Graham and his team arrived the next day and took complete control of the situation, removing wet and damaged material and set up dehumidifiers and driers to help stop build of humidity.

We were so pleased with the work we asked the team to undertake further private works involving structural alterations and the removal of internal partitions, work that we had been putting off.”

Graham Pretty - Your Claim Ltd, Building Insurance Claims Help

About Us

Managed Service

Your Claim is an independent service provider and claims management company. We have over 20 years helping people after their home or business premises has been damaged.

In addition to working for home and business owners throughout the UK, our clients include insurance brokers, letting & managing agents, block management companies, investors, landlords who are responsible for the maintenance of residential and commercial buildings.

Pictured: Graham Pretty, Managing Director

“Absolutely brilliant service from Graham and his team. After our water tank leaked through to our ceiling, Graham arranged everything with our insurance company, had the damage rectified with minimal input from ourselves.

The team he used were polite, courteous and respectful of our home. I would highly recommend Graham every time.”

Building Repairs

To complement our buildings insurance claims management service we repair buildings that have suffered damage including flood; fire damage; water escape, oil or chemical leaks; criminal, impact & storm damage.

This often involves a 24/7 emergency call out response.

Following an emergency, we isolate fuel or water sources, secure your properties and implement a disaster management plan; emergency drying, strip out of damaged fabric, power and services connections and the treatment and necessary disposal of hazardous material and waste.

These are kind words from an East London Landlord following Your Claim managing building repairs:

“I must say Mr Pretty attended to our property efficiently and in a timely manner. All the work was completed to a high standard while at the same time making sure that the basic amenities were available to residents while the work was being carried out.”

Our Promise to You

Our promise is always to safeguard your built asset and future-proof your building against further damage and repair, to remove the stress of dealing with insurers; to take control of the claim on your behalf to eradicate doubt and uncertainty, to liaise with the insurers appointed representatives and negotiate a suitable settlement sum commensurate with the measured cost of repairs and reinstatement; to manage the building insurance claim and coordinate all services and materials; building trades and installers; local authorities including conservation officers for heritage repairs, ensuring works are completed to meet all aspects of building regulations, statutory health, safety and environmental requirements.

Our Experience

With a blend of building, property and insurance expertise we have the exact experience for property-related repairs and building insurance claims. We know exactly what is required to protect your asset and restore your building back to its former glory.

YourClaim works for YOU, not your insurance company so your best interests are our priority.

This benefits you the policyholder and insured party because YourClaim is not employed to represent the insurer, and no conflict of interest exists, we safeguard your building, forensically inspecting secondary and primary building damage and specifying repairs and trusted tradesmen that meet industry standards of material performance and workmanship.

YourClaim’s validation and managed-building repair service is FREE, other than your insurance policy excess. The insurance company pays and settles our costs.

If you have any questions relating to how we can help you,

Call us now on 01206 707999
We are available 24/7 and will be happy to hear from you.