Flood & Water Damage Insurance Claims

Help with Water Damage Insurance Claims

We sincerely hope that you have not been subject to a flood, as from our extensive experience and expertise in water damage we know first-hand how devastating and upsetting this can be.

If you have suffered a flood we can help you with your insurance claim, and also with the drying out and repairs to your building.

It's very important that a flood or water damage is handled in exactly the right way to prevent resulting problems re-occurring in the future.

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Help with your Water Damage or Flood Insurance Claim

“I would have no hesitation in recommending Graham and using his services again, though hopefully we will not need his insurance management services again for a long time!!”
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Burst Pipes

Water damage from an escape of water of any kind, including storm damage, can quickly break building fabric down, wrecking your floors, ceilings and walls.

Water leaking into your floor, if left untreated, will cause rot and decay, which is particularly concerning damage if structural joists are involved.

damp that can spread quickly to connection material and fabric. However, we can help you during this very stressful time. If you find yourself in this position, you need to react fast, even if you find you are not insured we can still to help with both emergency repairs.

Call us and we shall set your claim or enquiry in motion relieving you of the burden so you can resume your normal life as quickly as possible. If your loss is insured we can help to relieve the stress immediately, so you can remove your normal life as quickly as possible. We can:

  • Dry your property thoroughly with dehumidifiers, air movers and professional drying technology
  • Fully assess the result and damage, scope and specify the repairs and fully restore your property to the same condition it was before
  • Restore the building, including listed buildings in consultation with your local conservation officer and English Heritage

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