Residential Lettings

Assisting landlords with your claim

While is it more usual for a property managing agent to be concerned with the repairs to a residential flat or block, we know that landlords who have a good relationship with their letting agent will often seek their advice.
We’d like you to see us as an extension to the good service you currently offer. By giving added value to your landlords we aim to help enhance your reputation.
While landlords of flats are only responsible for the interior of their properties, the interiors of flats can often become damaged from water escapes and, more seriously, from small fires.

Repairs specialist for landlords

As a claims management firm YourClaim is a repairs specialist for landlords and can respond to the whole restoration project for your client and deal with their insurers on their behalf.
The service is free to your landlords. All they need to do is pay their excess. Once they engage us we will attend the property to survey it and provide a detailed list of what needs to be done and a cost to the insurers. We’ll do the rest from negotiating with the insurer over the fine detail to putting right the damage so that your landlords can minimise a void rental period.
Our involvement also leaves them to get on with their daily lives or manage all the other properties in their portfolio.
YourClaim’s validation and managed-building repair service is FREE, other than your insurance excess. The insurance company pays and settles our costs. Call us to find out more.

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