Making a Claim

Making a claim for property damage

We are about to make your life so much easier. One of the hardest parts is behind you – the shock of seeing your home, business premises or the block that you manage being damaged.
The first thing to do is check your insurance policy, especially the exceptions, to ensure that you have cover in place for the property damage. If you find you are not insured, we can still help.

Loss adjuster

It’s important to clarify that the loss adjuster is a representative appointed by the insurance company, who works for them and not for you. Loss adjusters are often motivated to settle claims quickly, which doesn’t always allow time for building damage to be thoroughly investigated. If full and final settlement has been reached and further damage is discovered post-settlement, further claims will most likely be declined. So by appointing your own insurance assessor and claims manager, all building damage will be thoroughly investigated and included a schedule of repair which is presented to insurers.
YourClaim’s validation and managed-building repair service is FREE, other than your insurance excess. The insurance company pays and settles our costs.

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