Has your home or place of work been damaged?

If it has, and depending on the scale of damage and the reasons for it, you may be confronted with a problem that will require your full focus, one that will affect your day-to-day life, and possibly your livelihood.

Unforeseen building damage can be dramatic and extremely stressful

Dealing with an emergency response, property-restoration companies and insurance representatives will be time consuming. So who is safeguarding your built and financial asset?

An insurance company’s first priority is to manage risk, not necessarily the damage

So before you call your insurer, have your claim independently validated by YourClaim to ensure not only the primary or obvious damage is addressed but also secondary or consequential damage too. There is no charge for a validation and building survey and you will have a building industry professional working beside you with insurance-industry knowledge.

YourClaim knows the headache an unexpected insurance claims brings

That headache will be compounded if your insurer repudiates or disputes your valid claim. The worst-case scenario here is you have your reinstatement done only to have it ripped out nine months later because the initial cause of damage was never addressed. Every cloud must have a silver lining and appointing YourClaim and Building Repair to manage your property claim will, plainly and simply, allow you to get on with your life or business.