Criminal Damage

Damages to your property

If someone has targeted your building in any way, whether it be forced locks, broken windows, arson, theft of fixtures and fittings or burglary, we can resolve this for you.
Criminal damage, as defined by the Criminal Damage Act of 1971, is where someone “without lawful excuse” damages your property with intent to do so.

Assessing criminal damage

If you need someone to assess the criminal damage to your property with a view to correcting it, YourClaim, can help.
Whether you are insured or not, we assist people who own or manage both domestic and commercial premises. In our detailed report, we will assess the loss and let you know what needs to be done to rectify the damage by. We’ll carry out emergency repairs and liaise with your insurance company, too.
Then we will send in the right professional team to restore the building in a timely manner. It means you don’t have to spend your valuable time co-ordinating trades people leaving you free to go about your normal life.
YourClaim’s validation and managed-building repair service is FREE, other than your insurance excess. The insurance company pays and settles our costs. Call us to find out more

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