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Help with Your Buildings Insurance Claim

You are most likely here because you are experiencing the stress and upset of your home or premises being damaged and you are looking for help with your insurance claim and repairs.

We can help you, but first – has anyone been hurt because of the damage? If so, call the emergency services on 999 immediately.

We recommend then, before calling your insurance company about your insurance claim, you speak to us.

Right now, you may be flustered and confused – we want to make sure that before you do speak to your insurance company (which you have a duty to) that you don’t say anything that may harm your insurance claim. Insurance companies will often try to find a reason to reject your claim even if it is not material to the claim that has been registered.

We have the exact experience and processes to help you; from the initial call to your insurance company to finding alternative accommodation if required to preserving and safeguarding your possessions and having all your repair work carried out.

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For fast, effective buildings insurance claim & repairs management

Help with Your Buildings Insurance Claim

Entrust us with your building insurance claim management and benefit from:

  • Help to isolate services including gas, electricity and water
  • Secure your building
  • Protection and safeguarding of your contents
  • Loss recovery plan instigation, triage assessment and inventory creation
  • A smooth negotiation process with your insurance company
  • Greatly increased likelihood of a successful insurance claim

Help with Your Buildings Insurance Claim

As part of our insurance claim management service we will help you with:

  • Initial validation
  • Primary and secondary damage survey
  • A detailed, measured schedule of repair document
  • Procurement of local tried and tested tradesmen to carry out the repairs
  • We will be your single point of contact and we will undertake the organising of the repairs (we can also organise additional works at your request)

Building insurance claims we have managed have been as a result of:

  • Storm damage
  • Escape of water, oil or chemical from an installed system
  • Fire
  • Flood
  • Impact, criminal & accidental damage
  • Drain fracture due to subsidence

And when damage has occurred to the structure of a building including:

  • Structural brickwork and blockwork, stone and concrete
  • Cosmetic floors, ceramic and porcelain finishes
  • Plasterboard and insulation
  • Bathroom and kitchen installations
  • Roof and basement repairs

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